Feed Summary

There is a vast amount of information available on the Internet – the challenge is organizing it and finding the most current updates.  In an effort to keep up with a global and fast paced industry, I rely on a variety of news sources.  I also follow a number of people whose opinions and insights I respect.  As a service to the readers of Views from a Corner Suite, here are a few travel industry blog and news feeds that may be of interest –

News Stream

Just the facts.  This news feed focuses on hard hospitality and travel industry news reporting from around the world.

News Sources:

  • Airline News Resource
  • Hospitality Technology
  • Hotel News Now
  • Hotel News Resource
  • Hotels Magazine
  • Tnooz
  • Travolution

Blog Fountain

These blogs may sometimes contain rants, expressions of undying love, jealousy or loathing, but these authors from around the globe always offer opinions based on their own unique insights and perspectives on the travel industry.

Blog Sources:

  • Alex Bainbridge
  • Brett Snyder
  • Dennis Schaal
  • Forrester Research
  • Jeff Weinstein
  • Jim Butler
  • Josiah Mackenzie
  • PhoCusWright
  • Steven Joyce
  • Tim Hughes
  • Tom Botts
  • Travolution
  • Uptake

Combined Travel Industry Blog and News River

For those that like sipping from fire hydrants,  this feed provides the latest breaking hospitality and travel industry news and opinions. This is a consolidated feed that includes the latest blog posts and news articles generated from the sources used for the Blog Fountain and News Stream above.

NOTE:  A few words on content aggregation.  These feeds contain the following data elements – title, date, source/author, and a snippet of the article/post description.  The pages and RSS feeds do not include the full content of the articles themselves. I have been an outspoken critic of web sites that unashamedly host the work of others on their own pages, “repurpose” the content for their own benefit, or unnecessary layers to access the article in order to drive page views.  These feeds are an attempt to provide:

  1. a centralized listing of current industry news and opinion
  2. upfront disclosure of the material’s author/source
  3. a direct link to the content

All of the information collected was derived from syndicated sources that were provided by the publishers.  No pages were covertly harvested for content.

If you feel there are some worthwhile additions to the listings, please let me know – I will take a look, and iff they pass muster (i.e. they do not engage in the activities outlined above) I will certainly consider including them in the feeds.  Please use the Contact Form to reach me.