Why Views from a Corner Suite?

Views from a Corner Suite allows me to express opinions on a wide variety of topics, predominantly focused on issues facing the people and companies shaping the global travel industry. I may periodically touch on topics ranging from dynamic packaging to rock ‘n roll, philosophy to budget motels, customer focus to astrophysics. I enjoy breaking existing rules and making up new ones that will eventually be broken by other innovators over time, so we will see what develops…

My world is woven from a complex web of paradox that requires broad strategic vision coupled with innovative technology, an eye for flawless customer service delivery – all framed by innovative business models and efficient operational processes. That’s a pretty good description of the playing field for the hospitality and travel industries.

So why title my blog “View from a Corner Suite?” Simple – that is my area of respite. For me, it’s ideally located on a high floor, at the end of the hallway, preferably overlooking an area of the world that I have not yet fully experienced. A corner suite need not always be located in a six-star hotel; some lower tier properties can provide more authentic travel experiences that better integrate the traveler with the destination. A corner suite can offer great perspective on the landscape, providing an environment to anticipate what may be coming next and time to prepare actions that address the challenges this wondrously rich travel industry presents on a daily basis.

I hope you will enjoy following me on this journey.

About Robert Cole

Robert Cole is the founder of RockCheetah, a hotel marketing strategy and travel technology consulting practice. He also authors the Views from a Corner Suite Blog and publishes the Travel Quote of the Day. Robert speaks regularly at major travel industry conferences, authors articles for leading travel industry publications, advises travel-related startups and the equity investment community. He is an evangelist for the global travel industry.