Hotel Marketing and Hospitality Technology Consulting

RockCheetah clients include major hotel brands, global publishers, leading travel technology groups, prominent travel websites, large government agencies and financial services firms managing investments within the travel industry.

RockCheetah’s consulting practice helps its clients define their business objectives, develop innovative marketing strategies, understand integrated travel technologies, adopt efficient business processes and leverage distribution opportunities to engage travelers. This is accomplished by identifying actionable metrics to monitor outcomes from guest touch points and ensure support of the most efficient and profitable initiatives.

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Hotel Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing strategy serves as the core of RockCheetah’s consulting practice. By focusing on content management, messaging composition and search engine optimization, clients are able to realize improved results at lower cost than the standardized, one-size-fits-all approaches touted by many digital marketing agencies.

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Online Hotel Distribution Consulting

RockCheetah’s approach to hotel distribution is strictly metrics based – identify channels that are able to produce incremental booking volume at optimal margins. As a result, the typical one-size-fits-all approach to channel management and pricing may not represent the best solution for the hotel.

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Travel Technology Consulting

Build or buy? Interface, integrate or incinerate? These are the choices constantly facing hospitality and travel industry information technology executives. RockCheetah starts technology needs assessments with the underlying business objectives and marketing strategies – and ends by identifying the most efficient and cost effective solution.

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Hotel Guest Engagement Consulting

Travelers know their rights – they expect to hear about the right product, in the right location, at the right time, through the right channel, for the right price. By necessity, customer engagement is a highly personalized endeavor that is focused on creating guest value through relevant, timely communication.