PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Bingo

The PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit has 30 companies pitching a panel of judges and audience on a wide range of new travel technologies and online services. Travel Innovation Summit Bingo was invented for those attention deficit disorder sufferers who struggle to maintain focus during the six hours of demonstrations. Grab a Bingo card, find a few friends to play with, and get ready to track all the buzz words flying forth from the stage.

Celebrating All Things Kevin

Kevin May – the travel industry’s cross between rock-star pundit and travel technology god is celebrated with topics ranging from his discovery, as portrayed in documentary film Up!, to the exclusive club of famous Kevins, the legacy of Saint Kevin, his scientific origins, and the stories surrounding his younger years. Breaking tradition from past posts regarding this travel industry titan, this year’s investigative feature respectfully details the historic significance and cultural impact of this legendary individual.

The Awesomosity of Kevin May

Kevin May is the first renaissance man of the 3rd millennium. A team of researchers working for nearly a year reveal insights into exactly what makes the Tnooz editor so much more than a travel technology pundit – making him the most powerful man in travel.

Tnooz Human Rights Abuse Inspires S.P.A.W.N. Movement – Free the Nodes!

Editor Kevin May controls every aspect of the lives of his Tnooz Nodes. Shocked by the degrading and dehumanizing treatment at the hands of their leader, an international coalition of volunteers is organizing global Node interventions and rescues. Operating under the banner S.P.A.W.N. (Society for the Prevention of Abject Wickedness toward Nodes.)

EXCLUSIVE: Sordid Tales of Power and Corruption Plague Tnooz Editor Kevin May!

Described by many as the most dangerous investigative journalism assignment in the history of news, the story that must be told has now come to light. Kevin May, undeniably the most powerful individual in global travel lives an existence that can only be described as a cocktail of narcotics, firearms and sex – with a full measure of maniacal drive for world domination. Hiding behind the facade of his Tnooz news service, May orchestrates his iron fisted oversight of every aspect of the global travel industry.