Header Image Gallery

This is a gallery of all the photographs used as the header image for Views from a Corner Suite – Many thanks to all the exceptional photographers who were kind enough to provide Creative Commons licenses that allowed me to crop and occasionally flip their work. For those that don’t want to keep opening new pages (the image will change when a page opens or refreshes) all the images are here on one page. For those who only want to click once, try the CoolIris option to launch a slide show.

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If you have seen a great photo taken from a hotel room that might be good for the heading, please feel free to send me a note using the contact form. I’m not that strict, the room does not have to be a corner suite and you can be on a balcony or standing on the front porch of a bungalow… There are however, three types of photos that do not work well:

  • Portrait orientations (cropping is an issue)
  • Night shots (the title text disappears…)
  • Images without a Creative Commons license (the view from a jail cell is not nearly as nice as the view from a corner suite…)