Leading Hotels of the World – Marketing Conference Keynote

My presentation, “Deconstructing Distribution – It’s All About the Customer” for the Leading Hotels of the World Sales, Marketing & Distribution Conference in Bonn, Germany focused on the luxury hotel and resort customer, hospitality industry distribution channels and the future innovations that may be expected to impact the global hotel industry.

Mastering The New Five P’s of Marketing – Tom Patty on How Not to be a Casualty of the Revolution

In 1995, Tom Patty of Chiat/Day Advertising posted an article the Five New P’s of Marketing: Paradox, Perspective, Paradigm, Persuasion & Passion. Unfortunately, the document has digitally disappeared from the Internet, so it has been recreated here to inspire a new generation of marketers. Patty’s advice was just as right then as it is today – take a look at Apple’s advertising if you want proof.

Big Brother in 1984 Apple Macintosh Ad was Steve Jobs!

When Apple introduced the MacIntosh computer during the 1984 Super Bowl, Steve Jobs defined the Apple brand promise by daring a community of creative individuals to fight conformity, support innovation and combat overbearing corporations. Too bad that a quarter century later, Apple’s strategies have begun to make Steve Jobs look a lot like Big Brother from that commercial. By controlling the hardware, software and advertising platforms of its mobile devices, Apple has created a totalitarian state that is making decisions for its customers and inhibiting access to information. This former fanboy is disappointed.

Love Australia; Sorry – Hate the Commercial

A recent Tnooz article felt the latest television commercial from Tourism Australia was intentionally ironic in an attempt to gain viral traction. While I can wholeheartedly agree with Tnooz that the ad was ironic, based on the quotes from the individuals responsible for its creation, the ad was unintentionally ironic. Instead of providing a deeper and more personal perspective on Australia, the ad comes off as clichéd and grating. A principal cause of this failure is an annoying song in an unsuccessful attempt to be memorable.

Best TV / Video Ads of the “Noughties” (2000 – 2009)

While reviewing the best travel TV and online video advertising of the past decade, it was decided that there was a considerable gap between the best of the travel industry and the best of other industries. As a result, it was decided to select the best single advertising spot and campaign and to provide them as examples for the travel industry to consider. Both ads are marketing what can best be described as commodity products, but they are both marketed creatively and intelligently. If this can be accomplished for generic consumer products, it should be a comparatively easier task for travel. The best television / video ads of the decade were the Stratos Soccer Kid (individual spot) and the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (campaign.)