The World’s Most Infamous Hotel Stay?

Keith Moon, the notorious drummer and perhaps equally feared hotel guest, celebrated his 21st birthday on August, 23 1967 following a concert in Flint, Michigan. The site was the Flint Holiday Inn, who even posted a warm welcome message to Keith on its iconic “great sign.” The 1960’s were largely about pushing boundaries and the loss of innocence. Keith pushed the boundaries; the hospitality industry discovered a new benchmark for room destruction and property damage. Both rock ‘n roll and the hotel industry were forever changed, and the legend of the most world’s most infamous hotel stay was born.

Origin of the Word “Travel” (This explains so much…)

It is no wonder that people tend to experience so much difficulty when traveling. The word travel is derived from the French word travail, but travail in turn originated from a Latin word that described a torture device. It seems that the originators of our language were trying to warn us about the challenges associated with travel. Creating a word synonymous with torture might be considered a hint. Perhaps this perspective will allow people to enjoy travel more by understanding that by nature, travel could always be a lot worse.