This Place Feels Familiar

“More than anything, this place feels familiar. I bury my hands in the hot sand and think about the embodiment of memory or, more specifically, our natural ability to carry the past in our bodies and minds. Individually, every grain of sand brushing against my hands represents a story, an experience, and a block for […]

Roam This Breathtaking Planet

“Hip-hop… has been the proverbial key that’s opened the door for me to roam this breathtaking planet” – Raquel Cepeda | Travel Quote of the Day

Patriarchy Is Prevalent

“I wish she’d said something different, but patriarchy is as prevalent around the world as racism and xenophobia are. We can’t hide from it, not even here” – Raquel Cepeda | Travel Quote of the Day

Maybe God Is A He

“Come to think of it, maybe God is a He after all, because only a cruel force would create something this beautiful and make it inaccessible to most people” – Raquel Cepeda | Travel Quote of the Day

Travel Is More Valuable

“To me, travel is more valuable than any stupid piece of bling money can buy” – Raquel Cepeda

Globalization By The Way Of McDonald’s

“Globalization by the way of McDonald’s and KFC has captured the hearts, the minds, and from what I can see through the window, the growing bellies of the folks here” – Raquel Cepeda

The Past Is Buried Deep Within The Ground

“The past is buried deep within the ground in Rabat, although the ancient walls in the old city are still standing, painted in electrifying variations of royal blue that make the winding roads look like streamlets or shallow ocean water” – Raquel Cepeda

Aphrodite Chills At Home In Cyprus

“If Aphrodite chills at home in Cyprus for most of the year, then Fez must be the goddess’s playground” – Raquel Cepeda