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The United States Government is the world’s largest purchaser of travel, with an estimated $20 Billion annual spend.

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What’s $20 Billion dollars of annual travel spend between friends?

The Society of Government Travel Professionals is comprised of a diverse group of government employees, travel management companies and travel suppliers. I was honored to have an opportunity to share some thoughts on the factors I see influencing the future of both government and civilian travel. The talk was titled “Future Trends and Leading Technologies.

There were also edited versions of four videos embedded in the presentation – the full versions of each are included below:

Touch-based Interface: Hi Shanghai

Voice-based Interface: Google Android Voice Actions

Context-sensitive Interface: Dapper Dynamic Ads:

Sound-based Hotel Room Key System: Openways

On a separate note, I was impressed with an airline that runs daily flights into Baghdad and Kandahar for the Department of Defense. Providing safe transport requires lights-out, nighttime landings with spiral approaches. Perhaps airline industry executives should think about those flying conditions when whining about the state of the commercial aviation industry.

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