Hotel Industry Survey – How to Align Business and Technology Priorities?

One of the most pressing issues facing the global hotel industry as it slowly recovers from the biggest economic downturn in its history is how to most efficiently bridge the gap between business and technology goals.

Survey Interview Make your opinion known. Contribute your insights to a hotel industry white paper focused on best practices to close the gap between business and IT objectives
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With plummeting occupancy and depressed rate levels, the hotel industry radically cut spending, reduced headcount and deferred projects to survive the great recession. Now, with demand returning and some signs that rate increases are beginning to hold, many hotel group business leaders are betting that technology will help them maintain operational efficiencies and keep costs low as business volumes return to scale.

The challenge for hotel industry information technology executives is that in many cases, funding and staffing resources may be locked in at these reduced levels. Pressures are reportedly intense for technology teams to work smarter, faster and to be more productive when addressing the increased business demands.

The subject of the white paper is Bridging Hotel Industry Business & Technology Priorities. As opposed to providing generic platitudes and hypotheticals, the specific focus is specific plans of action over the next 36 months.

The objective is not to create a document that solely speaks for the hotel information technology community, but something that also provides perspectives from hotel marketing and operations leaders.

Excellent feedback has already been received from a number of leading hospitality industry Chief Information Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Operating Officers. The next step is to gain insights from those fighting on the front lines of the battle – hotel owners & investors, hotel management companies and property level management.

This is where you come in – Please take the survey and weigh in on the most pressing business challenges facing the hospitality industry, the top priorities for hotel IT groups, and most importantly, how can the gaps between these two areas be bridged over the next 36 months?

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If you don’t see the survey above, it may be completed online at:

Completing the questionnaire only takes about 15 minutes.

The goal is to have all this hotel industry survey completed by Monday, April 18, 2011.

Please note that anonymous survey responses will not be accepted – the respondent’s contact information must be included. However, due to the strategic nature of the questions, there is an option to exclude any association with your organization from any or all questions. We are looking for honest, frank responses.

The white paper will be published in June and discussed at the “What Keeps You Up at Night” session at HFTP’s HITEC Conference in Austin.

I look forward to hearing your perspectives.

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