How Google Can Help Facilitate Travel Inspiration

Google, through its embracing the Open Source development community provides a wide variety of tools to developers, if creatively employed, can produce applications that help inspire travel. The Google Code site that supports developers offers numerous technologies that can help online travel sites create more compelling content to support eComerce for airlines, hotels, car rental, attractions and destinations. Google Wave provides a powerful platform for traditional travel agents to engage and collaborate with clients that will enhance their ability to inspire travel.

How Google Can Help Revolutionize Online Travel

A perfect storm of a lack of online travel innovation, traveler frustration, and an economic downturn that limits investment for potential new entrants provides Google with an opportunity to dramatically democratize online travel. With a large number of tools that already help facilitate online travel search, and social media, Google can further simplify access to better organized information to help a broader range of travel suppliers, destinations and sellers increase commerce and competition.

Why Google Will Radically Democratize Online Travel

The online travel industry may be well positioned for a radical step forward and Google may be the organization that can make it happen. A recent Forrester Research report has indicated that travelers are highly frustrated with the online travel experience. Online travel companies have been criticized for an apparent lack of organic innovation. Travel aligns nicely with Google’s mobile strategies and appears to be a perfect fit with the Google corporate philosophy.