Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit Scorecard – 2015

In 2015, The Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit has been expanded to showcase 41 companies with new products for the travel industry. New this year, in addition to calling the pool of judges “The Dragon’s Den,” is the new Battleground round where 21 startups compete for three open Travel Innovation Summit slots.

2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Predictions

Hipmunk, Rearden Commerce and FlexTrip were voted as having the best odds of winning the title of the Most Game-Changing Travel Innovation at the 2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit. Unfortunately, a number of participants attempted to stuff the ballot box, underlying the challenges of using the wisdom of crowds to gauge audience sentiment.

Handicapping 2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit

Thirty companies battle for the title of Most Game-Changing Travel Innovation at the 2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit. Held annually in conjunction with The PhoCusWright Conference, attendees and the general public are being asked to complete a survey and vote for the demonstrators they predict will win the $15,000 prizes for topping a category and the DEMO Award.

SilverRail – PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Winner

SilverRail – Twitter Synopsis: Aggregates global rail suppliers into a single distribution platform with rules based APIs for each carrier system and single user interface Just the Facts: Company Name: SilverRail Technologies Website: Location: Woburn, MA Judging Category: New Company Business Segment: Rail Search Product Name: Trax Demonstrated by: Aaron Gowell, Founder & CEO […]

CruiseLabs – PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Runner-up

CruiseLabs – Twitter Synopsis: Multi-GDS/XML capable cruise booking engine with interactive deck maps, proprietary videos and travel agent chat within shopping application Just the Facts: Company Name: CruiseLabs Website: Location: Plano, TX Judging Category: Emerging Company Business Segment: Cruise Booking Engine Product Name: NexWav Demonstrated by: David Tossell, CEO Company Description (from website) Plano, […]

Kony Solutions – PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Finalist

Kony Solutions – Twitter Synopsis: Single write-once, run everywhere mobile application platform provides device independent deployment across multiple channels & form factors Just the Facts: Company Name: Kony Solutions Website: Location: San Mateo, CA Judging Category: Established Company Business Segment: Mobile Platform Product Name: Kony Mobile Application Platform Demonstrated by: Pico Rech, Senior Solutions […]

TrustYou – PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Runner-up

TrustYou – Twitter Synopsis: Uses semantic technology to analyze/aggregate reviews across dozens of travel sites & social communities for hotel reputation management Just the Facts: Company Name: TrustYou Website: Location: Munich, Germany Judging Category: New Company Business Segment: Semantic Review Aggregation Product Name: TrustYou Analytics & Semantics Demonstrated by: Benjamin Jost, Co-Founder & Managing […]

Handicapping PhoCusWright’s Travel Innovation Summit

The PhoCusWright Travel Innovation summit provides an unparalleled opportunity for companies to showcase their latest and most prized works of development wizardry to an audience of influential travel industry leaders. Handicapping this event is a difficult challenge – There is no daily racing form, and aside from Goby participating, and Amadeus winning last year, there […]

How Google Can Help Simplify Online Travel Planning

The planning phase of the seven-step travel process is a hot area for travel startups that are developing innovative solutions to address a complex problem. Google, with 70+% share of US search traffic and many existing travel planning tools is perfectly positioned to improve and simplify the travel planning process. In the future, end-to-end planning of complex travel arrangements will result from enhanced profiles supporting trip-centric traveler personas and geo-aware itinerary sequencing tools. The introduction of hard and soft filtering will provide support for emerging Web 3.0 technologies capable of providing more relevant travel product recommendations.

How Google Can Help Enhance Online Travel Research

Recent studies have shown that the research phase of the seven-step online travel process is becoming frustrating for consumers. Many travelers search a large number of sites or spend extended periods of time seeking information regarding airlines, hotels, car rentals, attractions and destinations that are best suited to their interests and needs. Google, with its massive search traffic and extensive advertising platform is well suited to help the travel industry improve travel research. In addition to many innovative tools that are currently offered, Google could help travel marketers by embracing travel industry standards and working to create persona-based traveler profiles that will better align the products of travel suppliers with customer needs.