Seminal Live Performances – A Memorable Travelogue

Travel and music share the common ability to expand horizons, introduce new cultures & change lives. Looking back at five decades of listening to music and four decades of attending concerts, I picked two groups from each decade that represent the seminal performances that impacted me most significantly. The process wound up being more than listing favorite artists or concerts – the cities and venues were also inextricably linked to the experiences.

Rental Car Pricing, Tax & Fee Demolition Derby

A fourteen dollar daily rate sounds like a great deal for an mid-size rental car – until the total for a three day rental comes to $83.56. That’s right, 98.95% in taxes and fees. If that seems excessive, one can always get to a lower percentage by renting a Mustang Convertible for $210.64 per day or $842.04 for three days – that’s works out to only 33.25% ($210.12) in taxes and fees. But the most disturbing part is the inaccurate calculations used for taxes and fees. With errors that never seem to work out in favor of the traveler.

Valuable Lessons from Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlours

Bob Farrell and his eponymous Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlours created a legendary brand that was known for its birthday party and special occasion celebrations enjoyed by children, their parents and grandparents alike. Farrell’s secret? He ran the operation like a bar for kids. A concept that was lost after the business was acquired.

A Hotelier’s Take on IATA’s New Distribution Capability

The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) controversial decision to adopt the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) XML standard based on the Farelogix Air Commerce Gateway that was supported by the now defunct Open AXIS group is misguided. Its focus is airline-centric, ensuring the airlines full control over search and booking transactions occurring within their ecosystem. Like so many other things in the world of airlines, it really should be customer focused.

How Big Data, Deep Web & Semantic Technologies Change Travel Marketing

Big Data, The Deep Web and the Semantic Web are all buzzwords that are bandied about, but they represent very real technologies that will dramatically alter the foundations of travel marketing. Robert Cole’s Keynote presentation to the 2013 Association of Travel Marketing Executives addresses the main benefits of deploying the technologies. Incredible opportunities exist for those who smartly plan to adopt the technologies to effectively engage with travelers.

Celebrating All Things Kevin

Kevin May – the travel industry’s cross between rock-star pundit and travel technology god is celebrated with topics ranging from his discovery, as portrayed in documentary film Up!, to the exclusive club of famous Kevins, the legacy of Saint Kevin, his scientific origins, and the stories surrounding his younger years. Breaking tradition from past posts regarding this travel industry titan, this year’s investigative feature respectfully details the historic significance and cultural impact of this legendary individual.

Hotel Pricing Chaos

It’s traveler versus hotel revenue manager when it comes to finding the lowest hotel rate. Comparison shopping is unfortunately still essential as the chaos of managing multiple distribution channels sometimes get the best of the hotels. Deals my pop up in unlikely spots, disappear completely from the most obvious places and create deals that may not be as attractive as presented. This example is for The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel on Hawaii’s Big Island. At least they don’t charge resort fees…

Transforming Supplier-driven Travel Booking Experience

The personalization and customization of the customer experience will mark the greatest transformation for travel booking. To sustain relevance and foster loyalty, travel sellers and suppliers will need to focus on understanding the context of traveler behaviors to create sustainable value in an effort to extend lifelong customer relationships. A Tnooz-Monetate webinar titled “Transforming the Supplier-driven Travel Booking Experience” included presentations by RockCheetah founder Robert Cole and Monetate CMO, Kurt Heinemann.

The ULTIMATE Valentines Gift

The ultimate Valentines Day gift includes roundtrip travel on a JetWay Private Air jet, a romantic dinner-for-two dinner prepared by an award winning chef, and overnight accommodation in the best suite at at arguably the best hotel in New York City – The Four Seasons.

How to Get Found – Search, Social, Local and Mobile | SkiTops

SkiTops, the Ski Tour Operator Association, invited Robert Cole to give the keynote presentation at its annual SkiTops University event on July 31, 2012 at Grans sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada. The subject was how Search, Social, Local and Mobile was impacting travel marketing and technology, as well as the ski industry. The conference also featured a presentation by Roy Tuscany of the High Fives Foundation, a non-profit that supports athletes that have sustained life altering injuries while participating in winter action sports.