How Big Data, Deep Web & Semantic Technologies Change Travel Marketing

Big Data, the Deep Web and the Semantic Web are important technologies that demand the attention of travel marketers. While buzzwords constantly swirl around various hot technologies, these three change the fundamental rules of traveler engagement and marketing leadership must be aware of the changes – both underway and on the horizon.

Big Data Monster

Feeding the Big Data, Deep Web Monster with the Semantic Web. When done right, it’s a beautiful thing.

It was a pleasure to be invited back to again give a keynote presentation to the Association of Travel Marketing Executives 2013 Travel Marketing Conference. I joked that this was a bit surprising as I thought I might have been banned from the conference after presenting The Collision of SEO and Social – Who Draws the Creepy Line? which apparently was not too creepy and did not cross the line.

Toward the end of the presentation, there are several slides that set up my prediction for the “Killer Travel App.” I have evangelized these over the years and continue to believe that there are seven steps in the travel process, five types of travel transactions, the end-to-end travel experience and the multi-persona traveler. Mark my words – these continue to be critically important aspects of the industry and will represent the battleground for customer engagement in the years ahead.

The presentation addresses several issues that must be considered by travel marketers and investigates several points that need to contemplated when engaging customers.

The first of the two videos (following slide 13) embedded in the presentation is a silent example of the Google Flight Search from Hell – from four origin markets – MIA, MKE, MSP and DFW to five destinations NYC (EWR, LGA, JFK) CUN and LAS.

The second video (following slide 38) is the full 9 minute presentation by Jack Andraka, the 15 year old who developed a better (400 times more sensitive & 50% more accurate), faster (5 minutes instead of 14 hours) and cheaper ($0.03 for a paper test strip capable of recording 10 tests) that makes the former $800 test obsolete. It is well worth a viewing – incredibly inspirational.

Feedback from the session was very positive – the ATME crowd is always very engaged – even though I stood between them and lunch. For those unable to attend, I am always seeking new perspectives. Add a comment or reach out to me privately through the contact form.

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Robert Cole is the founder of RockCheetah, a hotel marketing strategy and travel technology consulting practice. He also authors the Views from a Corner Suite Blog and publishes the Travel Quote of the Day. Robert speaks regularly at major travel industry conferences, authors articles for leading travel industry publications, advises travel-related startups and the equity investment community. He is an evangelist for the global travel industry.