Casting ‘The Social Network’ – What Character Are You?

Both The Social Network, the movie, and its subject, Facebook, join the ranks of iconic films that document events epitomizing a decade’s cultural changes.

The Social Network

Which character are you?

Similar films in this rare genre, dramatizations based on seminal events, include:

However, the most interesting aspect of The Social Network is that it not only profiles a social force shaping the millennial generation, but also expertly documents the universal strains faced by many startups.

Leaders, followers, pretenders, traitors, muses and investors – they are all players that frequently march in the startup parade – particularly organizations that stick around long enough to survive the process.

So this poll question is simple – if you had been involved in chaos of starting up Facebook, what role would you have played? There is an excellent chance that there is a character in the mix that aligns well with your sensibilities and motivations.

The Social Network Poll Notes:

  1. Erica Albright is a fictionalized name, but if you click on her name, you will link to the famed Mark Zuckerberg document that calls Jessica Alona a bitch
  2. Christy Ling is also a fictionalized character – clicking on her name will link to an unanswered Quora query wheter she represents Jenny Wu – feel free to reply and solve the mystery
  3. Marilyn Delpy completes the trio of fictionalized women – the character was not mentioned in The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal, the book by Ben Mezrich that served as the basis for the movie
  4. In the photo of Chris Hughes, actor Patrick Mapel is on the far right
  5. The photo of Peter Thiel is the real Peter Thiel. No publicity photos have been released of the scene featuring actor Wallace Langham

While people may be capable of playing many roles, only one answer is permitted, so what role would fit you best or most closely suit your personality?

Answer honestly – it will be interesting to see how many people perceive themselves a Zuckerberg, Saverin, Winklevoss or Ling.

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