Recommendations: Best Things To Do in Scarborough, Tobago?

The sixth stop on our Celebrity Millennium holiday cruise is Scarborough, Tobago. Having never previously visited Trinidad or Tobago, based on our research, we would normally take one of two approaches – the first, hire a car and do some exploring, or second, taking a comprehensive tour of the island.

Any suggestions for great things to do in Tobago? Add a comment below and help promote family harmony
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Going to destinations where not a lot of friends have traveled can cause some to hesitate. With our family, it is quite the opposite – we love exploring and sharing the stories of our discoveries plays an integral role in the arc of our total vacation experience.

It is always such a shame to hear people returning from a destination with tales of an average vacation experience, only to learn that they either stayed rooted to their hotel, or ventured out only to hit notoriously overrated tourist traps. It may occasionally take a bit more preparation, but great vacations often hinge on one or two cornerstone experiences.

Often those experiences may happen accidentally or wildly exceed expectations due to a confluence of circumstances. The formula that works for us is to find unique experiences as a starting point and see where they lead us.

Based on our preliminary research, a good portion of Tobago’s highlights are water-related, so we are leaning toward the tour path, with the Island Girl Catamaran earning strong consideration.

In many cases, boat tours can access secluded spots that are inaccessible by road. Better yet, sailboats are both green and silent methods of transport. Plus, catamarans tend to be a bit more stable for inexperienced sailors less inclined to enjoy a sailboat’s tendency to heel in wind.

Of course, if it was Carnivale, we would undoubtedly beat a path to see nearby Trinidad’s celebrated festivities.

Family background – I like adventure and my wife likes the beach and shopping. Our two daughters are 13 and 20 years old respectively. A personal, yet admittedly unrealistic, goal is to partake of activities that would avoid interaction with teenage or twenty-something boys…

With that in mind, please let us know what you think are the best activities for our day in port.

Here are the resources I am using to research the best experiences for our day in port for Scarborough, Tobago:

Of course, the ports are only one facet of a cruise experience – below is some information on the ship and itinerary:

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