Match Game – Hotel Brand Edition

The hotel industry is running at record occupancies and rates. However, all the major hotel groups appear to be most interested in creating new hotel brands while business is strong. To see how well this approach is working, here is a brief test – Match the hotel brand with its parent hotel group. Be warned; there are 100 hotel brands for the top 10 hotel groups alone…

Hotwire Breaks Brand Promise by Gutting Rating System

Hotwire has undermined its brand promise by removing the specific criteria from its hotel ratings used to differentiate hotel classifications. Additionally, by benchmarking hotels using competitive online travel sites with incompatible rating scales, Hotwire may inaccurately classify hotels. In the example provided, Hotwire staunchly defends its flawed rating process for a hotel that it rates higher than sister websites Expedia, and TripAdvisor. Worse yet, these policies and processes have caused them to lose their customer service focus.