What are Most Trusted Sources for Hotel Reviews and Ratings?

Hotel reviews and ratings are a popular topic of discussion, with many hoteliers relying on hotel rating sources to validate the quality of their hotel operation and promote it to a broad spectrum of travelers that would otherwise have been too difficult to reach. A key question asked by this survey is what source does a traveler trust most when it comes to hotel reviews and ratings.

Mad as Hell About Airline Fees – How Hidden are They?

I’m Mad as Hell About Hidden Airline Fees and I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore is the tag line for a coalition that is demanding that the US Department of Transportation requires airlines to prominently display all ancillary fees on their websites and to provide distribution to enable transaction of these fees through all third party channels. Upon closer scrutiny, several claims appear exaggerated, while the lack of specific proposals regarding HOW these demands can be effectively implemented ignores challenges involving business models and technical interfacing.

What is Your Ideal Method to Book Leisure Travel?

This poll is designed to evaluate the most popular, IDEAL, method for booking leisure travel arrangements. The results will indicate the “Bookularity” of the preferred category comprising the booking method and type of travel seller that those surveyed feel provides the greatest value in the leisure travel reservation process for airline, hotel, car rental and attractions. The question for this week’s RockCheetah poll is “What is Your Ideal Method to Book Leisure Travel?”

Smarter Travel Agents and Travel Agencies Rise from the Ashes

The travel agency community has sustained significant losses due to consolidation and the economic downturn. A new breed of smarter and more innovative travel agencies have emerged that understand customer needs, provide specialized travel product knowledge, and creating travel plans best fit those needs. These are the traditional traits of quality travel agencies. The difference is that these new agents have embraced technology and used it to expand their reach, engage their customers and grow their revenues.