NGCOA Presentation – Measuring and Monetizing Social Networking & Mobile Media

Robert Cole of RockCheetah and Kris Strauss of OB Sports Golf Management presented “Measuring and Monetizing Social Networking & Mobile Media” for the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) Annual Conference held on Februart 29, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The golfing industry represents the perfect opportunity for social media and mobile marketing to enhance player engagement the number of rounds played and the golfer’s enjoyment of the game.

2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit Predictions

Hipmunk, Rearden Commerce and FlexTrip were voted as having the best odds of winning the title of the Most Game-Changing Travel Innovation at the 2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit. Unfortunately, a number of participants attempted to stuff the ballot box, underlying the challenges of using the wisdom of crowds to gauge audience sentiment.

Handicapping 2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit

Thirty companies battle for the title of Most Game-Changing Travel Innovation at the 2011 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit. Held annually in conjunction with The PhoCusWright Conference, attendees and the general public are being asked to complete a survey and vote for the demonstrators they predict will win the $15,000 prizes for topping a category and the DEMO Award.

A Faster Way to Search Google Flights – Cut and Paste

Google Flight search provides incredibly fast search air fare results by leveraging technology acquired through the ITA Software acquisition. While not yet supporting flight routing outside of the US, it provides many interesting new features. By copying the URL/query string text into a Chrome browser, experienced travelers can experience Google Flights searches with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

What are Most Trusted Sources for Hotel Reviews and Ratings?

Hotel reviews and ratings are a popular topic of discussion, with many hoteliers relying on hotel rating sources to validate the quality of their hotel operation and promote it to a broad spectrum of travelers that would otherwise have been too difficult to reach. A key question asked by this survey is what source does a traveler trust most when it comes to hotel reviews and ratings.

Handicapping PhoCusWright’s Travel Innovation Summit

The PhoCusWright Travel Innovation summit provides an unparalleled opportunity for companies to showcase their latest and most prized works of development wizardry to an audience of influential travel industry leaders. Handicapping this event is a difficult challenge – There is no daily racing form, and aside from Goby participating, and Amadeus winning last year, there […]

Orbitz Improves Its Hotel Search – Is It Enough?

A recent Orbitz press release touted “Orbitz Launches Groundbreaking Hotel Search Experience with Industry-Leading Property Comparison Features.” In reality, the changes are incremental, mostly derivative and unfortunately not significantly innovative. With Orbitz indicating that growing its hotel business is a top priority, they need superior product functionality to climb back up to last year’s second place share of unique visitors from this year’s fourth place share. While the enhancements give Orbitz functionality similar to its competition, its price guarantees remain the most customer friendly in the industry.

Impact of Structured Data on Travel Search

Search is radically changing to become more contextual, relevant and focused on producing the right answer for the user. Structured data sourced from the Deep Web is essential to provide a solid foundation for linked data to define semantic relationships between pieces of information. This is what transitions the web of documents to a web of data. The resulting relevant, convenient and highly personalized search experiences create trust. Whoever earns the trust of the consumer wins. The endgame for Web 3.0 players has never been more clear. Presented at the Open Travel Alliance 2010 Advisory Forum.